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1. Baby, I’m in a Band (2:45)

Rock Star Legend is a game in which you take your band around the world and compete against other bands for complete Rock Star world domination. Each player is given three Concert Cards: Skill, Creativity, and Popularity. They are also given a pick and several beads of the same color to represent their band and fans respectively. There is also a deck of Power Up cards. These cards have special effects that can turn the tide of the game. Each band can only have four Power Up cards at one time. Bands can discard unwanted Power Up cards at the end of their turn.


2. LA Punk (1:12)

Before the game begins, each player must choose the genre for their band. The six different genres are: Alternative, Experimental, Folk, Metal, Punk and Rock. There can be more than one band of the same genre. Each city on the map is designated by a certain genre. Bands must start out in a city of their genre. If a band claims a city of their genre, they gain an extra fan base in that city


3. Where the Heck is Reykjavik (4:29)

The main objective of Rock Star Legend is to travel around the world and rock out venues in different cities. Bands can move along the blue lines. They can only move once per turn. In order to claim the fans of a city, the band must play a concert with the other bands. This is called the Concert Phase. To initiate the Concert Phase, each band places one of their Concert Cards facedown on the board. Once every band has put down a card, the cards are flipped over. If at least fifty percent of the cards match the first band’s card, then that city is won and the band draws one Power Card. If not, the band moves back to the city they were in before they moved


4. It’s All About the Fans, Man (3:10)

Once a band wins a city, that city now belongs to that band. A bead of their color will be placed on the city. This represents the fans. In order for a band to move into a city with a fan base of another band, they must convert the fans through a battle with the band that owns the city.


5. Bands Will Battle (2:36)

To convert the fan base of another band, the bands must duke it out. This is called the Battle Phase in takes the place of the Concert phase in these cases. To initiate the Battle phases, the two bands place one of their concert cards facedown. When both have put down a card, the cards are flipped over. This time, the Concert Cards play like Rock-Paper-Scissor. Skill beats Creativity, Creativity beats Popularity, and Popularity beats Skill. If the opposing band loses, they win the city, the band draws one Power Card and if the defending team is in that city, they are pushed back to one of their cities.  If the defending band wins, then they keep the city and the opposing band moves back to the city they were in before they moved.


6. Rise to Legend (15:59)

Once a band loses their last city, they are out of the game. In order to win, one band must eliminate all the other bands and take over every city on the map.