Scott Toepfer

Hey! My name is Scott, I can be a bit pretentious at times though I am overall a nice guy. I am a pharmacy major, so that mean I always have an onslaught of work. I love to hike and pose for pictures on the top of mountains. I hope you like our game.

Dan Marren

Hi! My name is Dan, I am a wizard when it come to photoshopping pictures and art. I am a history major, basically I like ancient stuff mixed with crazy stories. I do plan on taking over the world at some point. I love my computer, don't you dare mess with it! Hope you enjoy our game!

Atif Ashraf

Yo! How you doing, I hope everything is good in your life. I am that southern Texan guy  that has barely lived in Texas, yet everyone calls me Texan. I am a Economics and Communicaton major, this has allowed me to effectively communicate with people and do their personal economic forecast. I love listening to easygoing music, I guess as JD put it I am a "sensi." Enjoy our game, I know you will.

Ralph Grajo

Yo! Wasup, Im ralph, I usually chill around and relax saying crazy stories while using my eyebrows to emphasize my points. I am an anthropology major, yea this means I learn about everything and anything. My life revolves around video games as well as dressing up as ash ketchum. Oh by the way, do not touch my stuffed mew. If this happens, I may have to do something about that. Enjoy our game, I sure do!