Stairway to Heaven
Like a Rolling Stone
Everyday People
Born to be Wild
In the Midnight Hour
Every Breath You Take
Dazed and Confused
Dust in the Wind
More than a Feeling
All Day and All of the Night
We Will Rock You
With or Without You
We Will
Become a Rockstar Legend

  Rock Star Legend is a game in which you take your band around the world and compete against other bands for complete Rock Star world domination. Each player is given three Concert Cards: Skill, Creativity, and Popularity. They are also given a pick and several beads of the same color to represent their band and fans respectively. There is also a deck of Power Up cards. These cards have special effects that can turn the tide of the game. Each band can only have four Power Up cards at one time. Bands can discard unwanted Power Up cards at the end of their turn.